Is it possible to retweet a comb-over?

Donald Trump
S.W., a Kendall, Wis., reader, writes:
“Finally, a photo that provides a visual explanation of Donald Trump’s comb-over.”
Which reminds QT:
Is it true that the comb-over hides a White Power tattoo ?
Now, this isn’t coming from QT.
QT isn’t saying the Trump comb-over hides a White Power tattoo.
QT hasn’t looked into it.
QT only passes along a question wondering if Donald Trump’s comb-over hides a White Power tattoo. . . .


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QT Planetary Defense Coordination Office

Asteroid 2013 TX68
It was first projected that Asteroid 2013 TX68 might come within 11,000 miles of Earth on March 5.
A revised projection put the March 5 distance at possibly 9 million miles.
Which is not to be confused with a newly revised  projection putting the March 5 distance at 3 million miles.
Except that it will be March 8.
But at least we don’t project it will hit us.

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Dum and dummer

Trump University
News Headline: “Trump tweets about the ‘honer’ of winning debates,
‘leightweight chocker.’ ”
These are not the first such Donald Trump tweets.
He has also criticized MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell as “one of the dummer people
on television.”
Does Trump need to show his college transcripts along with his tacks returns?
Nah. Let’s stay the coarse–and make America grate again.

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QT digest of the Houston Republican debate (for your convenience)

Republican Debate

“. . .  liar. . .  disgusting. . .  fake. . . you lied. . . liar. . . you don’t know much. . .
he attacked me. . . fraud. . . fraud. . . liar. . . liar. . . liar. . . liar. . . falsely accusing. . .
lying. . . lie. .  . yelling at me. . .  liar. . . .”
The transcript lists  15 “inaudible” moments.
Think of these as the golden moments.

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QT Early Warning System

Kitchen Fire
News Headline: “Kitchen’s fire extinguisher found ablaze.”
News Headline: “Severe weather spotters class canceled due to severe weather.”
The nation’s current irony outbreak appears to have veered west along the Interstate 80 corridor from Easton, Pa., to Joliet, Ill.
Residents of Iowa and Nebraska should be on alert.

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