Ithaca College
An Ithaca College student praising a system that would allow anonymous reporting of students who commit “microaggressions” on campus:
“It helps to make people think a little more before they do or say something,”
QT Abridged Too Far Dictionary of the English Language:
microaggression noun 1. a form of unintended discrimination caused by behavior or expression. 2. typically slight in nature. 3. such as the UCLA professor accused of microaggression with “ideological implications” because he pointed out the incorrect capitalization of the word “indigenous” in a student paper. 4. so the Ithaca student has a point. 5. professors and students should be careful before talking. 6. probably best to avoid saying anything at all. 7. because a university works best when people keep their ideas to themselves.

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Asteroid of the week

News Headline: “Killer bus-sized asteroid flies dangerously close past Earth.”
But that was last May.
In other news, bus-sized Asteroid 2025 FM118 was discovered today.
It will pass just inside the moon’s orbit tomorrow.
Best we can tell.

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We’ll always have Paris

Paris Hilton
News Headline: “Petition created to remove Paris Hilton from Summerfest lineup.”
Mike Reynolds, a West Allis, Wis., reader, writes:
“Didn’t she say she was leaving public life?”
Now that you mention it, it’s been 2,836 days since Paris Hilton announced she was leaving public life.
Not that anyone is counting.


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