Economics 101

News Headline: “Minimum wage increase could mean job cuts, employers say.”
Same thing happened when we stopped child labor.
Same thing happened when we cut sweatshop hours.
When will we ever learn?

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Doctor won’t see you now

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki when asked about VA employees “cooking the books” on the quality of care at veterans hospitals:
“I’m not aware, other than a number of isolated cases, where there is evidence of that.”
Keeping in mind that “a number of isolated cases” tends to create “a pattern.”
And good news for the GOP:
It may have found a scandal it doesn’t have to make up as it goes along.

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You betcha

Sarah Palin's House

News Item: “. . . Alaskans don’t have much to say for a potential Sarah Palin presidential bid in 2016. Only 19 percent think she should seek the White House, compared to 74 percent who think she should sit it out. Palin is actually so weak that she would trail Hillary Clinton. . . .”
It’s finally happened.
She can see the end of her political career from her house.

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