And fries with that


News Item: “. . . The review of existing research on lifestyle habits and health also indicates many of the theories about the growing obesity epidemic may actually be wrong. . . .”
Let’s try this for a theory:
We eat too much.
But it’s just a theory.

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News Headline: “Launch photos: Atlas 5 rocket blasts off with¬† secret NROL-33 satellite.”
News Headline: “Watch: Air Force launches top-secret satellite from Cape Canaveral.”
The Air Force may want to revisit the concept of “secret.”

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QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

Eric Stull, an Armonk, N.Y., reader, writes:
“I have been most entertained by your column. If you think, however, that ‘dour’ rhymes with ‘fewer,’ then I suspect you have been drinking too many dours on the rocks.”
QT has you there,
It tends to stay with bourbon.
And will stay with maintaining that some dictionaries, in allowing “dour” to rhyme with “sour,” err.
Which rhymes with “fur.”
As far these pronunciations are concerned, QT never misses a chance to inveigle.
Which rhymes with “beagle.”


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Send in the representatives

John Boenher


News Headline: “Boehner on Benghazi investigation: ‘I don’t want a sideshow.’ ”
The House speaker is right.
He doesn’t run some cheap carnival act.
The House of Representatives has loftier ambitions than that.
Something more like a big top.

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