Today’s good news. . . well, in a certain context

Eric Canto

News Headline: “GOP leader Eric Cantor falls to Tea Party challenger.”
Put aside the morning’s political pronouncements–the issues, the personalities, the trends.
Just know that a top incumbent corporate candidate outspent his opponent 25 to 1 and still managed to lose.
So it can be done!
Not every election in this country can be bought!
Just most of them.

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<=== I'm with Trump

Trump Tower

B.R., a Chicago reader, regarding the huge TRUMP sign now being completed on the Trump Tower Chicago to deface the city’s downtown, writes:
“Might be nice to take those T-shirts that have arrows and ‘I’m with Stupid’ on them and have people wear them while being photographed next to the building.”
Thank you, B.R.
It could become a standard Chicago tourist photo.
And serve someone just right.


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