Not to make any judgments. . . .


News Headline: “Rockets resume following Hamas rejection of cease-fire.”
R.B., an Omaha, Neb., reader, writes:
“Is this what you meant when you wrote about a culture going from different to worse?”
You are referring to QT’s noting that there are no “bad” cultures–only different ones.
And some go from different to worse.
And Hamas is about as different as it gets.


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Today’s briefing


White House press secretary Josh Earnest attempting to deflect criticism of  the current immigration turmoil:
“It’s a failure of both parties, Congresses of both parties, presidents of both parties. . . .”
Then again, what did you expect from–
No. Wait.
Those are the words of Patrick Buchanan.

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Ancient history


American Apparel apologizing for its Internet posting of a photo of the Space Shuttle Challenger’s explosion as  Fourth of July fireworks:
“The image was re-blogged in error by one of our international social media employees who was born after the tragedy and was unaware of the event.”
An honest mistake.
And while we’re at it, let’s stop asking so much of our young people.
Such as knowing what happened before they were born.

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The show must go on

Fake Agony

News Headline: “World Cup 2014: Germany defeats Argentina 1-0 in extra time.”
M.A., a Washington D.C. reader, writes:
“I started paying more attention to the World Cup because you mentioned  the players who are always rolling around on the ground in fake agony. Now what do I do now for my fake dramatics?”
Be patient.
The next House Benghazi hearings will start before you know it.


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