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James Sarafin
News Item: “Arizona State offensive lineman Edward Sarafin has told a local magazine he is gay, making him the first active Division I football player to come out. . . The 6-foot-6,
320-pound lineman. . . . ”
OK, all you tough, righteous anti-gay activists out there.
We’re waiting for one of you to step up to Mr. Sarafin and give him a stern lecture.
We’re waiting. . . .

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QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

T.B., a Chicago reader, writes;
“I was watching the PGA Championship and noticed that one of the commentators liked to used the word ‘err.’ I noticed it because he mispronounced it at least a half-dozen times. As you have said, ‘err’ should rhyme with ‘sir,’ not ‘air.’ ”
Pronunciations evidently weren’t the man’s forte.
Which rhymes with “sort.”
Just as “dour” rhymes with “your.”
And “sheik” rhymes with “cake.”
And as far as these pronunciations are concerned, QT will continue to inveigle.
Which rhymes with “eagle.”
Which brings us back to golf.
So these things do work out.


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