A battered icon

Jesus Pancake 2

J.K., a Chicago reader, writes:
“You wrote about a California diner that found an image of Jesus on a Mickey Mouse-shaped pancake.  I went to the news story linked in your item, and the pancake doesn’t look Mickey Mouse-shaped to me.”
A call was placed.
“Cowgirl Cafe.”
The pancake with Jesus on it. The stories said it was cooked Mickey Mouse-shaped. But it doesn’t look Mickey Mouse-shaped.
“One of the employees bit off the ears.”
Thank you.
“You’re welcome.”
Talk about sacrilege. . . .

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Modern education + the criminal mind =

A man who attempted to rob a bank in Pompano Beach, Fla., fled when he was surprised to find bulletproof glass in front of the teller, leaving behind his robbery note, which was written on the back of an online job application form that included his username and password.

QT Summer Travel Advisory

Des Moines, IaForty days remain until the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Ia.
More than 20,000 visitors are expected at  the “world’s largest pork-specific event.”

The case for zero tolerance of modern school administrators


Parkway High School in Bossier City, La.,  has named 13 valedictorians.
A call was placed.
“Parkway High School.”
It says in the newspaper you’ve named 13 valedictorians. How many salutatorians?
“Let me check.”
A while was waited.
Thank you.
“You’re welcome.”
Figure all the rest are just honor students.

QT Early Warning System

Sales of gun silencers have risen 37 percent in the past year.

A case of bipartisanship

Capitol Hill

Paul Shubin, a Montreal reader, regarding QT’s noting that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi somewhat failed in her promise to “drain the swamp” in Congress during her time as House speaker, writes:
“It’s sometimes difficult to remember your priority is to drain a swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators.”
A good point.
Both parties in Congress deserve credit here.
It takes ingenuity and dedication to make a swamp on a hill.

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What was the rancher thinking?

News Headline: “Cliven Bundy wonders if blacks were ‘better off as slaves.’ ”
News Headline: “GOP scrambles to condemn rancher’s remarks on race.”
The rancher was asking for it.
Not subtle enough.

Meanwhile, in California. . . .

News Headline: “LA man dances naked on his Tesla in the middle of traffic.”
As reasonable a response as any to the news of the day.

Talking the walk

News Headline: “Donald Trump complains Obama’s walk is ‘unpresidential.’ ”
Anyone who wants to see Donald Trump walking can do so here.
Always better his walking than talking.

To bunt, or not to bunt

Globe TheatreWrigley Field


Today’s Birthdays: William Shakespeare, 450; Wrigley Field, 100.
Or as the first might have said of the second:
O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful, and yet again wonderful and after that, out of all whooping!