QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language


News Item: “. . . said Sadler, who was selected in the 25th round by the Pirates in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft. ‘Whatever they need me to do to contribute is fine with me. I’m here at their beckon call. . . .’ ”
L.D., a Chicago reader, promises he will be at the beck and call of all those who realize it isn’t “beckon call.”
And as long as we’re talking baseball, it may be time for a reminder that, when in a ballpark, the past tense of “fly” is “flied.”
You could look it up.

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Accidents will happen

News Headline: “Oklahoma Fox station accidentally cuts evolution scene from ‘Cosmos.’ ”
News Headline: “New Orleans Fox affiliate sorry technical glitch interrupted ‘Cosmos’ evolution segment.”
QT knows what you are thinking.
Heavens to Betsy, what a dreadful thing to think.

Ninth time’s the charm

News Headline: “New House committee to investigate Benghazi.”
News Headline: “Cops keep raiding home looking for man who died 8 years ago.”
The two stories seemed to go together, for some reason.

So here we are

News Headline: “Sarah Palin: ‘Jesus fought for death penalty until the day he died.’ ”
News Headline: “Republican candidate supports 2nd Amendment right to own nuclear weapons.”
One of these is fake–a satire.
One of them isn’t.
If you have trouble guessing which is which, a clue is here.
And then think how far we have come from the Federalist Papers.

We have seen the present, and it does not work

Asian Carp


The Minnesota Senate has passed a bill changing the name of Asian carp, which are native to Asia, to “invasive carp” because the name “Asian carp” could be taken to reflect negatively on the Asian community.

Somebody’s gotta do it

News Item: “. . . The incident prompted a response from an air ambulance, a dog-sniffing rescue team and. . . .”
And why a rescue team would go around sniffing dogs, we’ll never know.

Ah, nature

News Headline: “Scientists find new species of blood-sucking ‘Dracula ants.’ ”
News Headline: “New species of flesh-eating sponges discovered.”
Does this mean the Intelligent Designer is back in rehab?

QT Early Warning System

Leading Conservatives Attend 40th Annual CPAC

News Headline: “Another Rick Perry ‘oops’ moment.”
News Headline: “Perry leaves children behind as cuts squeeze Texas schools.”
News Headline: “Perry doubles down against Medicaid expansion.”
News Headline: “Perry declines to call botched execution inhumane.'”
News Headline: “2016 watch: Texas’s Rick Perry books another Iowa tour.”
So this is what the presidential campaign will soon offer us: George W. Bush with a mean streak.

And don’t forget Donald J. Trump

News Headline: “Want to seem smart? Add a middle initial to your name.”
Let’s see.
Justin D. Bieber. Paris W. Hilton, Sarah L. Palin. . . .
OK. So it doesn’t always work.

QT 2014 vote count countdown update

News Headline: “Anti-gay marriage GOP candidate explains his past as a drag queen.”
No need to explain.
We know the Republicans are rebranding.