The findings are in

Karl Rove

News Headline: “Rove: No regrets on Clinton comments.”
News Headline: “Rats are capable of feeling regret, scientists say.”
See? There is a difference.

Guns don’t shoot students. . . .

Reynolds High School

News Headline: “Active shooting incidents on pace to rise again in 2014.”
News Headline: “Student recounts Oregon school shooting.”
Happy Graduation from the National Rifle Association!

A call to all true patriots. . . .

True Patriots

News Headline: “Vegas shooters’ Facebook warnings: ‘I will willingly die for liberty.’ ”
News Headline: “How much does right-wing rhetoric contribute to right-wing terrorism?”
Just enough to get the job done, evidently.

Why QT may have found a new favorite TV newscaster

Craig Melvin

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin in the closing exchange of a Sunday interview:
Guest: “Thanks for having me.”
Melvin: “Thank you for being had.”

Job creators in action

Republican Caucus
News Headline: “Belarus plans to bring back serfdom.”
News Headline: “House Republican Caucus meets to study Belarus model.”
Sorry. Made the second one up.

<=== I'm with Trump

Trump Tower

B.R., a Chicago reader, regarding the huge TRUMP sign now being completed on the Trump Tower Chicago to deface the city’s downtown, writes:
“Might be nice to take those T-shirts that have arrows and ‘I’m with Stupid’ on them and have people wear them while being photographed next to the building.”
Thank you, B.R.
It could become a standard Chicago tourist photo.
And serve someone just right.


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Birds of a feather

Donald Trump

Donald Trump regarding complaints about the allegedly tasteless “TRUMP” sign being installed on his Chicago skyscraper:
“People were saying, ‘Don’t put  a sign up.’ Now they’re saying, ‘We love the sign.’ ”
People understand that Trump’s name in 20-foot letters is in the tradition of many other signs in Chicago and other cities.
Or put it this way:
Fits right in.

Teams of experts are at work

Cleared for public release by CDR Jeffrey Breslau, NAVCENT PAO

E.K., a Chicago reader, writes:
“I tried to take advantage of your ‘exciting announcement’ about QT at the new site. But all I get is a blank page.”
A number of readers have reported similar Internet trouble.
But rest assured.
QT has put teams of experts to work on this.
Depending on what you mean by “teams.”
And “experts.”
And QT can announce that the Internet trouble has been solved.
You can now reach the QT page at the excellent site, for sure, and support QT’s growth on the Internet for as little as $1 a month, by following this link:
And QT thanks you.


Let’s try another round

Colliding Galaxies

News Headline: “A violent, complex scene of colliding galaxy clusters.”
Or put it another way:
Did the Intelligent Designer create the universe as a video game?

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

Human Life Center

News Item: “. . . The mall is expected to be demolished and redeveloped into an open-air ‘human life center’ with one big box anchor tenant and a number of smaller stores. . . .”
L.S., a Chicago reader, wants to know when outdoor shopping centers became open-air human life centers, and when can we have outdoor shopping centers back?