And your salt intake is disgraceful

Albert Einstein
News Headline: “Chicago Park District expands smoking ban to parks, harbors.”
Not even outdoors.
Not even alone, away from everyone, under a tree or at a boat at its mooring.
As we hear from the Chicago chapter of the National Association of People Who Have Found a Socially Acceptable Way to Push Other People Around.

Why AM radio is dying, part 37

Rush LimbaughUncle Fester
Rush Limbaugh regarding current U.S. foreign policy:
“We’ve got Lurch, John Kerry. I just learned–”
Making fun of someone’s physical characteristics is a cheap thing to do.
And someone should mention this to Uncle Fester.

Try to remember two days in September

News Headline:
“We must never forget lessons of 9/11.”
A reminder of another day’s lessons to remember:
The day was two weeks later.
It was  9/25.
It was on that day in Los Angeles that the story was reported of a German surgeon in a Jewish hospital performing a kidney transplant from a white Muslim woman to a black Christian man.
We can do worse than remember the lessons of 9/25, also.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

Mountain Lion
News Headline: “Boy attacked by mountain lion released from hospital.”
And why the hospital released a mountain lion, we may never know.
News Headline: “Road rage leads police to murder victim’s boyfriend.”
And would the lion attack even have happened if police weren’t so busy murdering a victim’s boyfriend?
We may never know.


Modern education + the criminal mind =

A Massachusetts woman whose license plates were revoked decided to avoid arrest by installing hand-drawn cardboard plates on her car, police said.

The House is back in session

House GOP
News Headline: “Amid Ebola’s spread, one rule reigns ‘Don’t touch.’ ”
News Headline: “House Republicans slash funding that would help fight Ebola.”
A note to anyone hit by Ebola in the future:
Always remember that our House Republicans work hard at what they do.
And deserve a big hug.

QT trickle-on economics update

Scrooge McDuck
The richest 10 percent of Americans were the only group whose median income increased in the last three years.
Median incomes for the middle 20 percent fell 6 percent.
Median incomes for the bottom 20 percent fell 4 percent.

And the farmer hauled another load away

The Cycle
Touré of MNBC’s “The Cycle” regarding the video of Ray Rice striking the woman he would soon marry, a video that cable TV news is showing over and over and over and over:
“We’re not showing this to get ratings. We’re showing this because it is an important issue.”
Hard not to admire the skills of those who can keep a straight face no matter what.

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Bus Wheels
News Headline:
“12-year-old boy steals school bus for the second time in a month.”
News Headline: “Nine-year-old steals city bus.”
They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Economic indicators

U.S. Economy
News Headline: “Obama outperforms Reagan on jobs, growth and investing.”
Sad to think what might have been.
Think what he might have accomplished if he weren’t a Muslim socialist who hates America.