Profiles in. . . .

News Headline: “Mitch McConnell on Kavanaugh fight: The Senate is on trial.”
Lock it up.
That was easy.

QT Planetary Defense Coordination Office

QT earlier reported on the 11 asteroids that were discovered in September as they passed between Earth and the moon.
Asteroid  2018 TC was discovered today.
It passed between Earth and the moon on September 30.
Which makes it a dozen.
But at worst, if it had it had hit, would have destroyed only, say, a small city.
And there has not been a single close call with an asteroid so far in October.
That we know of.

The national conversation in the news

News Headline: “Political divide in America the worst it’s ever been.”
It’s about time we put the Civil War in perspective.

Biblical proportions in the news

News Headline: “Movie claims Donald Trump’s election was an act of God.”
News Headline: “Volcano erupts in Indonesia days after devastating earthquakes and tsunami.”
For those keeping track of acts of God.

In other news. . . .

News Headline: “Drunk woman, drunk man arrested in Oktoberfest-related incidents.”
Everywhere you look, signs of autumn.

A reminder: Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

News Headline:
“George W. Bush is reportedly calling undecided senators to sway them to vote for Kavanaugh.”
Ever tempted these days to miss George W. Bush just a little?
Not so fast there.

We have seen the present, and it does not work

The student union at
Manchester University has banned applause at events because the noise might cause “anxiety” in some and, as such, is not sufficiently “inclusive.”
Students are instructed to use jazz hands instead.

A rapist walks into a bar. . . .

News Headline:
“Donald Trump mocks Kavanaugh accuser in Mississippi.”
You guessed it.
There are the usual complaints from those who can’t see the lighter side of sexual assault.

Trump University: Introductory Economics

News Headline:
“Donald Trump committed tax fraud to receive equivalent of $413 million from his father: report.”
So give Trump credit:
He wasn’t some lazy spoiled rich boy who had a fortune laid in his lap.
He put in some effort to steal it.

Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Donald Trump’s Sex Life (And Were Afraid to Ask)

News Headline: “How Team Trump tried to bury or confuse the Stormy Daniels story.”
Nobody knew covering up the adulteries you committed while your wife was nursing a baby son could be so complicated.