The case for zero tolerance of modern school administrators

Redmond High School in Redmond, Ore., has named 29 valedictorians.

And maybe a couple of other reasons

News Headline: “Head injury turns man into math whiz.”
News Headline: “Math error halts Bank of America’s stock buyback and dividend increase.”
We might want to consider lining up all the bank executives on Wall Street and slapping each in the face.
You know. To help with the math.

Keep digging and you’ll find Pong



News Headline: “Film crew finds Atari ET games in New Mexico archaeological dig.”
Archaeologists finding video games?
Feeling a little older now, are we?

The Not Me Decade, in which everybody else is responsible for everything, continues

A Canadian driver who was speeding and talking on a cell phone when she hit and killed a bicycling teenager has sued the teenager’s family for $1.35 million because of emotional trauma she suffered as a result of killing the teenager.

Who, the People?

We the People


News Headline: “The U.S. is not a democracy but an oligarchy, study concludes.”
B.R., a Chicago reader, writes:
“Oligarchy? Isn’t the better word plutocracy?”
Neither word.
We live in a nation where the wealthiest few increasingly run the show and engage in many corrupt practices, which they largely get away with.
This is because we, the people, have repeatedly voted in ways that allow this to happen.
So we’re talking about a vibrant democracy.


QT Yellowstone Caldera (the eruptions of which can be violent enough to send a layer of ash six feet deep as far away as Chicago and which erupts every 600,000 or so years and last erupted 640,000 years ago) update:

Peter Cervelli, a volcano expert at the U.S. Geological Survey, reassured the public this  week by predicting there won’t be a major eruption ‘”for the next ten thousands of years,” adding:
“We are always prepared to be surprised.”
And who doesn’t like a good surprise?

Clap on, clap off

News Headline: “Scientists develop an ‘off switch’ for brain.”
News Headline: “Sarah Palin: Waterboarding is how I’d ‘baptize terrorists’ as president.”
And the switch seems to work like a charm.

On the one hand. . . .


News Headline: “For politicians, corruption is worse than cheating. But hypocrisy is worse than both of them.”
Something to remember the next time you hear a congressman talk about making the hard decisions.

The case for the separation of church and everything

A Republican candidate for South Carolina lieutenant government wants to shut down  the public schools and replace them with religious schools because “we don’t see anything in the Bible” about public education.

A battered icon

Jesus Pancake 2

J.K., a Chicago reader, writes:
“You wrote about a California diner that found an image of Jesus on a Mickey Mouse-shaped pancake.  I went to the news story linked in your item, and the pancake doesn’t look Mickey Mouse-shaped to me.”
A call was placed.
“Cowgirl Cafe.”
The pancake with Jesus on it. The stories said it was cooked Mickey Mouse-shaped. But it doesn’t look Mickey Mouse-shaped.
“One of the employees bit off the ears.”
Thank you.
“You’re welcome.”
Talk about sacrilege. . . .