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Worst of breed

News Headline: “For China’s ‘Year of the Dog,’ mall erects giant Trump dog statue.”
Even though the man isn’t White House-trained.
And barks and howls for no apparent reason.
And sheds blame everywhere you look.
Which isn’t to mention the tiny paws. . . .

This just in. . . .

News Headline:
“Terror threat at sex robot expo.”
Or think of it this way:
Name a news headline that better sums up the times we live in.

From the QT Archive of Knowledge

+ The second longest word in Shakespeare is “anthropophaginian.”
+ Iran is four times the size of Iraq.

From Poor QT’s Almanack

Beware the ides of National Healthy Lifestyles Month.

The Strange Case of the Mispronunciation of Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Hyde (cont’d)


Ronald Bruce Meyer, a Baltimore reader, regarding QT’s noting that the first syllable in Dr. Jekyll’s name rhymes with “bleak,” writes:
“How do we know your pronunciation of Jekyll is correct?”
Glad you asked that.
“Jekyll” is a Scottish name, commonly pronounced JEE-kull–not JEH-kull.
The Rev. Walter Jekyll was a friend of Robert Louis Stevenson.
Stevenson borrowed the name for his novella.
Both pronounced it JEE-kull.
You’ll find this pronunciation in the 1931 movie “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” starring Frederic March
Which was about when everyone started to mispronounce it.
And while we’re at it, can it be time for fa QT reminder that “flaccid” is pronounced FLAK-sid?
And “vagaries” is pronounced vuh-GAIR-eez?
And “err” rhymes with “fur”?
And “dour” rhymes with “your”?
And “sheik” rhymes with “cake”?


From the QT Archive of Knowledge

+ Wisconsin drivers ran over 18 bald eagles in 1999.
+ Stars scream when they fall into black holes.

QT Man-Bites-Dog Worldwide Pinpoint Locator

As of the 30th dog day of summer, there have been no new reports of a man biting a dog.
But a woman bit a police officer in Minot, N.D.
There are 10 dog days to go.

Modern education + the criminal mind =

+ A man who robbed a pizzeria in Iowa City, Iowa,  returned later to ask for a job application, police said.
+ A drug dealer in Okaloosa County, Fla., called 911 to report that someone had stolen money and a bag of cocaine from his car, police said.

QT trickle-on economics update

News Item: The U.S. Senate released a revised health-care plan Thursday that maintains some tax cuts on the wealthy but allows health insurers to offer skimpier plans. . . .”
So the wealthiest might not see all the tax cuts they want.
Or put it another way.
Note to the rest of the nation:
The muggers take your wallet.
But you get to keep your watch.

GovernMania MMXVII

News Headline: “Trump lawyer: President was aware of  ‘nothing.’ ” 
We’re supposed to pretend he’s aware of some things.