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The national conversation in the news

News Headline:
Rosie O’Donnell tells Bill O’Reilly to ‘f—- urself with a stick.’ ”
So. All right.
We’re establishing a dialogue. . . .

From Poor QT’s Almanack

Today’s Birthdays: Al Gore, 69; Rhea Perlman, 69.

Modern education + the criminal mind =

A man went to police in Lowville, N.Y., and complained that he had paid a prostitute $200 for sex, but the prostitute had refused to keep the agreement, police said.


News Headline: “Former Sun-Times editor Ralph Otwell dies; guided investigations.”
Ralph Otwell was one of the editors who gave the nod to hiring a young QT at the Chicago Sun-Times some years ago.
He had many gifts as an editor.
One of them was dedication.
QT just now remembers a passage from its book on the Sun-Times Mirage Tavern investigation.
It was the night before the first story hit the streets:

Editor Ralph Otwell meanwhile watched as page-one proofs were pulled for the Sunday Chicago Sun-Times. He had gone down to the composing room at 10 p.m. to mark the moment. When the first proofs came off, he looked them over, nodded to himself and prepared to leave.
But then Otwell remembered that story-stealing didn’t stop at the editorial level. One newspaper’s proofs sometimes ended up in another newspaper’s composing room.
So he put tobacco in his pipe, lighted it, folded his arms and watched as the proofs for the first week of Mirage stories were pulled.
One hour went by and then another. Otwell puffed on his pipe and watched.
It was after midnight when the last proofs were pulled, counted and put in the proper hands. The type chases were locked away.
Otwell tapped out his pipe, said goodnight and went home.

The good die young.
And sometimes at age 90.

In other news. . . .

News Headline: “Drugs, despair and Trump.”
Can someone do something to cheer up our headline writers?

QT Early Warning System

News Headline: “Mystery footage shows ‘huge ball of fire’ shooting over Earth.”
News Headline: “Vampire bats discovered feeding on humans for first time.”
In related news, six days remain until Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration.

QT Early Warning System

One day remains until Perihelion Day.
This is not to be confused with Aphelion Day, which is July 3.
For those keeping track of  their periapsides and apoapsides.

This just in. . . .


News Headline:
“Florida man wearing bucket on head breaks into store to steal pigeons.”
Everywhere you look, people are auditioning for Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

The predator-elect in the news


News Headline: “Donald Trump is picking his Cabinet: Here is a short list.”
Women on the list?
About one in seven.
The wall can wait.
First a few million square miles of good tough acrylic for the glass ceiling. . . .

A republic, if you can keep it

News Headline:  “Trump campaigned against lobbyists, but now they’re on his transition team.”
News Headline: ” ‘Drain the swamp’? Trump’s potential Cabinet fills out with Washington insiders.”
Lest we forget that the swamp is a federally protected wetland.