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Rubes and idiots in the news

Bill Britt, an Alabama political reporter, when it looked as if Judge Roy Mooore would win the senatorial race there:
“We’re not the rubes and idiots we’re portrayed to be.”
Evidently not.
Not quite.

12 days until Christmas

News Headline: “Child signals ‘help’ in sign language during photo with Santa.”
Ho, Ho, Ho!.

From the QT Archive of Knowledge

+ Grover Cleveland once worked as a hangman.
+ Peas are a fruit.

Frontiers of science

News Headline:
“Scientists discover new species of world’s smallest known frogs.”
News Headline: “The world has taken Trump’s measure.”
The two stories seemed to go together, for some reason.

13 days until Christmas

News Headline: “How about a cannabis Christmas wreath this year?”
Ho, Ho, Ho!

Russian assets in the news

News Headline: “Carl Bernstein: Fox News hosts are ‘abetting a cover-up.’ ”
Fox News sees right through it.
And now you can, too.

Those were the days

News Headline:
“Donald Trump has made Roy Moore the face of the Republican Party.”
News Headline: “Roy Moore: Last time America was ‘great’ was during slavery.”
But let’s keep this straight:
Republicans are not pro-slavery.
Republicans are soft on slavery.

16 days until Christmas

News Headline:
“6-year-old writes scathing letter to Santa.”
News Headline: “Santa Claus burglar on the loose.”
Ho, Ho, Ho!

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Item:
“. . . According to Goodlatte, the Department of Justice agreed to cooperate and give the committee a ‘fulsome response’ to its request for documents by January 15. . . .”
A reminder that “fulsome” is correctly defined as “excessively flattering” or “insincerely earnest.”
So we can all look forward to the response.

This just in. . . .

News Headline: “Trump approval rating: President hits new low of 32 percent.”
Which still means that three out of 10 people you see on the street are people you’ll want to cross the street to avoid.
Except that across the street, you will find that three out of 10 people are people you’ll want to cross the street to avoid.
Which means. . . .