The Party of Lincoln 2.0 in the news

News Headline: “Trump’s increasingly weird attempts to compare himself to Lincoln.”
Nothing weird here.
It’s all simple history.
Abraham Lincoln is often quoted:
“If you have the facts, pound the facts. If you have the law, pound the law. If you have neither, pound the table.”
And close your eyes.
And shout.
And stamp your feet. . . .

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In other news (cont’d). . . .

News Headline: “Key changes would alter the government’s survey on schools and
civil rights.”
+ Jean Remsen, a Chicago reader, responding to a reader who wondered if “these would B Major changes or B Minor changes,” writes:
“I’d give it a measured response.”
+ Doug Dahlgren, a Chicago reader, writes:
“I’d say give it a rest.”
+ S.L., a New York City reader, writers:
“I’m not sure if I can stanza any more of these.”
OK. You’re right.
Let’s stop the music.
Before we make a complete mezzo this.


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The Trump crime family in the news

New Headline: “Hannity defends Donald Trump’s Ukraine call: ‘Do us a favor’ is just one of his ‘go-to phrases.’ ”
Among other go-to phrases that have recently surfaced:
+ “I barely know the guy.”
+ “I never met him.”
+ “I know nothing about that.”
And has it been 4,739 days since Sean Hannity promised he would undergo waterboarding to prove it isn’t torture?
Not that anyone is counting.

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