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This just in. . . .

News Headline: “Seal slaps man with an octopus.”
Sometimes the animal kingdom has had just about enough.

Is Paris burning?

News Headline:
“France tells Trump to stop interfering in its politics.”
It’s OK.
Just a little trick he picked up in Russia.

Nothing personal, it’s just business

News Headline:
“Trump’s bid for Sydney casino 30 years ago rejected due to ‘Mafia connections.’ ”
Connections, maybe.
But absolutely no collusion.

18 days until Christmas

News Headline: “Nebraska principal put on leave after banning Santa, Christmas trees, candy canes.”
Ho, Ho, Ho!

QT Planetary Defense Coordination Office

The number of
asteroids discovered each month this year as they passed between Earth and the moon:
January, 9; February, 9; March, 7; April, 6; May, 3; July, 2; August, 2; September, 12; October, 4, November 15.
But only one so far this month.
So we can rest easy.

Quick–before the caravan arrives

News Headline:
“Trump golf club hires undocumented workers: report.”
There is only one response.
We’ll need to build a wall around the golf club.
A big wall.
And walls around Donald Trump’s other golf clubs.
And walls around every Trump Tower.
Just to be safe.
And Trump will pay for them.

19 days until Christmas

News Headline:
“Tulsa police seek Santa Claus who robbed business east of downtown.”
News Headline: “ ’Tis the season for stolen Christmas trees.”
Ho, Ho, Ho!

In other news. . . .

News Headline:
“National Health Service should be run more like McDonald’s, says health secretary.”
This could be helpful when visiting the McProctologist.

QT trickle-on economics update

News Headline: “Las Vegas police step up ticketing of people feeding homeless.”
What would Jesus do?
Up to six months in Las Vegas.

The limitations of statues in the news

News Headline: “Trump mulls charging immigrants a fee to apply for asylum: report.”
Note to huddled masses yearning to breathe free:
First let’s have 50 bucks.
Lady Liberty wants to see the cash.