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More rehab indicated

News Headline: “April’s awakening brings abundant spring flowers.”
This is the Intelligent Designer.
News Headline: “Sea spiders in Antarctica breathe through holes in their legs.”
This is the Intelligent Designer on drugs.

From the QT Archive of Knowledge

+ There are 1,073,741,824 bytes in a gigabyte.
+ Big Ben is the bell, not the tower or the clock.

QT come and get me, copper, update

News Headline: “What is Donald Trump hiding?”
News Headline: “What is Trump hiding in his tax returns?”
News Headline: “What is Trump hiding at Mar-a-Lago?”
News Headline: “So, what is Trump hiding?”
Not that he’s hiding anything, mind you.

We have seen the present, and it does not work

Whole Earth Peanut, Pecan & Walnut 3 Nut Butter
has been recalled from British stores because the back labels do not carry a warning that it contains nuts.

The immigration problem in the news

News Item: “. . . The Yemeni American Merchants Association, which represents Yemeni Americans who own and run an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 of the city’s thousands of delis and corner stores, known as ‘bodegas,’ wrote that. . . .”
QT in its journeys in the United States has set foot in a Kosher-style delicatessen run by a Korean.
It has set foot in a Filipino laundromat run by an Iraqi.
It has set foot in a Pakistani pizza parlor run by a Russian.
And now we have Yemeni bodegas.
God bless America.

Rabbit, run

News Headline: “Neighbor dismantles lewd Easter mannequin display.”
Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way.

From Poor QT’s Almanack

Beware the ides of National Soft Pretzel Month.

GovernMania MMXIX

News Headline: “Trump says he’s the mastermind of immigration policy, not Stephen Miller.”
Add masterminds to the list of things that aren’t what they used to be.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Item: “. . . and is charged with first-degree wonton endangerment. . . .”
There are some Chinese restaurants you will want to avoid.
And is it time for QT’s biennial reminder that the ‘lion’s share” of something is not most of it, but all of it?

QT trickle-on economics update

News Headline: “Bipartisan bill would ban IRS from making tax-filing free and easy.”
News Headline: “Why are Democrats helping Republicans do the bidding of the tax-prep industry?”
Always remember:
The Republicans are the party in bed with big corporations.
The Democrats curl up at the foot of the bed.