Rules of the game

Today is the 98th birthday of the late Lindsey Nelson, baseball announcer
Nelson believed the English language should be spoken well, even at the old ballpark.
How well?
It was Nelson’s voice fans would hear on the radio, in the late innings, on a warm summer night:
“That’s he, swinging the bat.”
This was a man who knew how the game was play-by-played.

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QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

J.D., a Chicago reader writes:
“With Republican gerrymandering back in the news, is it time for one of your reminders that the first two syllables of the word should  be pronounced GARY, not JERRY?”
Not yet.
We’ll have to wait.
But can it be time for QT’s annual reminder that it isn’t ”once more into the breach,” but ”once more unto the breach”?


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