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The predator-elect in the news


News Headline: “Donald Trump is picking his Cabinet: Here is a short list.”
Women on the list?
About one in seven.
The wall can wait.
First a few million square miles of good tough acrylic for the glass ceiling. . . .

A republic, if you can keep it

News Headline:  “Trump campaigned against lobbyists, but now they’re on his transition team.”
News Headline: ” ‘Drain the swamp’? Trump’s potential Cabinet fills out with Washington insiders.”
Lest we forget that the swamp is a federally protected wetland.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language


News Item: “. . .  It’s not about towing the line–it’s about doing what’s right. . . .”
K.R., a Baltimore reader, notes that what’s right is to toe the line, not tow the line.
And can it be time for QT’s quintennial reminder that “momentarily” doesn’t refer to an event that will happen in a moment, but to an event that will last for a moment?


The case for zero tolerance of modern school administrators

Happy Graduation!

Eisenhower High School in Shelby Township, Mich., has named 60 valedictorians.
And six salutatorians.
But we can stop now.
The commencements have commenced.
Happy graduation, valedictorians!
And to the scattering of high school seniors who aren’t!

Entranced interrogation in the news

News Item: “Sean Hannity and 2016 GOP front-runner Donald Trump will be in
Milwaukee. . . .”
Speaking of which: Has it been 2,544 days since Sean Hannity promised he would undergo waterboarding to show it isn’t torture?
Not that anyone is counting.

Or maybe a wall of some kind

ISIS Propaganda
News Headline: “GOP campaign rhetoric on Muslims harms U.S. security efforts: Homeland Security chief.”
News Headline: “Trump and Cruz are playing right into ISIS’ hands, CIA analyst warns.”
We may want to close our borders to Republicans until further notice.
Just be safe.

QT trickle-on economics update

Minimum Wage
Alabama Republican Gov. Robert Bentley signed a bill blocking minimum-wage increases in the state’s cities and towns shortly after giving four of his Cabinet members an 80 percent raise.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

QT Grammar
News Item: “. . . A revealing exercise is to spend an evening switching back and forth between FOX, CNN and MSNBC. . . .”
Doug Dahlgren, a Chicago reader, writes:
“ About ‘back and forth between’: Doesn’t pointing to three networks dictate that ‘among’ should be used?”
“Between”  is  correct for the relation of two things.
“Among” is for three or more.
QT will not spend time going back and forth among minor exceptions.
And is it time for QT’s quadrennial reminder that it isn’t “catty-corner” or “kitty-corner,” but “cater-corner”?


From Poor QT’s Almanack

Battle of Falkoeping
On this day in history 627 years ago, the Danes defeated the Swedes at the Battle of Falkoeping, which seemed important at the time.

Tender moments

Valentine's Day
Men are expected  to spend more than double what women spend on Valentine’s Day this year–an average of $133.61 compared to $62.14, a study found.
QT renews its Valentine advice for men wooing women:
When the gifts have been exchanged, the man should lean gently forward.
He should look into the woman’s eyes.
Then he should whisper:
“You owe me $71.47.”
She’ll laugh.
She really will.