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. . . born every minute

News Headline: “Trump loyalists pay little heed to turmoil.”
News Headline: “ ‘I just choose not to listen’: Trump loyalists are sticking by him as Russia revelations rock his administration.”
Ignorant, and proud.

QT trickle-on economics update

CEO pay in the United States has increased 19.6 percent in the past five years, about double the increase workers have seen.

Investigators at the -gate

News Headline: “Trump says he had ‘fantastic meeting’ with pope.”
And now back to the terrific questions raised by his phenomenal dealings with Russian agents, among other amazing things.

Under the big top

News Headline: “Ringling Bros. Circus gives last performance after 146 years.”
News Headline: “House returns from recess; Senate to continue nomination votes.”
The show must go on.

QT loud guy at the end of the bar update

News Headline: “The president just told a room of Israelis that he ‘just got back from the Middle East.’ ”
Keep calm, and carry on.

In other news. . . .

News Headline: “What your garden says about you.”
Or didn’t you know your garden was talking behind your back?

The sounds of silence

News Headline: “Trump silent on human rights with Saudis.”
So there are some things even a man who never shuts up doesn’t find worth talking about.

QT Early Warning System

Thirteen days remain until National Accordion Awareness Month.

Breaking news. . . .

News Headline: “California grid sets record, with 67 percent of power from renewables.”
For those interested in the most important news stories this week that no one is paying attention to.

From Poor QT’s Almanack

On this day in history 67 years ago, St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Tommy Glaviano made errors on three consecutive grounders in the bottom of the ninth, giving the Brooklyn Dodgers a 9-8 victory, but at least he could tell himself it wasn’t something people would remember into the next century or anything.