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And he would have had a lot of shiny medals

News Item: “. . . Mike Pompeo was first in his class at West Point and. . . .”
We can save Donald Trump a tweet here.
Trump would have been a West Point cadet.
And first in his class by more than any other cadet ever in history.
If it weren’t for the temporary bone spur in his left foot or maybe it was his right foot.

From the QT police blotter

News Headline:
“A man is in jail after assaulting another man with a watermelon.”
It happened in a seedy part of town.
QT will stop now.


This just in. . . .

News Headline: “Pompeo reaches out to Hillary Clinton to prepare for secretary of state role.”
Lock him up.

Day 446, America held hostage

News Headline: “Trump warns Russia: Missiles ‘will be coming’ in Syria.”
Be patient.
“Fox & Friends” has its best minds at work on this.

QT news you can use


QT sunspot and solar wind update:
0 and 1,257,200 mph.
As you might have expected.

. . . born every minute

News Headline: “Trump has the most success where people read the least news.”
If the republic finally needs an epitaph, we won’t have to fumble around for one.

QT trickle-on economics update

The wealth of the world’s top 1 percent is growing at twice the rate of the wealth of the remaining 99 percent, according to a new study.
We have 12 years until the 1 percent control two-thirds of the world’s wealth.
Give or take.   

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Headline:
“Trump refutes claims of any hush money given to Stormy Daniels.”
K.R., a Baltimore reader, asks for a reminder that “to refute” is to prove something wrong.
Simply making a claim against another claim is “to rebut.”
And another reminder:
The Trump administrations isn’t allowing big business to run amuck.
It is allowing big business to run amok.


Averting our eyes

News Headline: “Stormy Daniels can describe Trump’s genitals ‘in detail.’ ”
Can it get more terrifying than this?
News Headline: “Inside White House Bible Study group.”
Asked and answered.

Day 441, America held hostage

News Headline: “Report claims Rex Tillerson called Donald Trump a ‘f—ing moron.’ ”
News Headline: “Report: Rupert Murdoch called Trump a ‘f—ing idiot.’ ”
News Headline: “Ex-aide says Trump is a ‘f—ing fool.’ ”
News Headline: “GOP strategist rips ‘imbecile’ Trump.”
Which isn’t quite a f—ing imbecile.
That’s good news, isn’t it?