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From Poor QT’s Almanack

Beware the ides of National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month.

Frontiers of science

News Headline:
Following Trump’s lead, Republicans avoid addressing climate change.”
News Headline: “Trump administration pushes coal at a climate change conference.”
Baby, it’s dumb outside.

13 days until Christmas

News Headline:
“Couple to serve Christmas dinner made entirely from roadkill.”
News Headline: “Residents plant Christmas tree in pothole.”
Ho, Ho, Ho!

Presidential multi-tasking in the news

News Headline: “Pelosi: I didn’t want to tell Trump in front of the camera ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about.’ ”
Donald Trump doesn’t get enough credit here.
Or do you think it’s easy easy not knowing what you’re talking about when you don’t mean a word you’re saying?

QT long national nightmare update

News Headline:
 ‘No collusion’? Here are all the Trump associates and family members who had contact with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.”
No question.
Looks like the Russians fell in with a bad crowd.

14 days until Christmas

News Headline: “4 scams targeting holiday shoppers.”
News Headline: “5 scams to avoid this holiday season.”
News Headline: “9 holiday scams to watch out for this season.”
News Headline: “Beware of these 11 holiday scams.”
News Headline: “12 scams to beware of this holiday season.”
Ho, Ho, Ho!

Practice makes perfect

News Headline: “Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in U.S. history.”
News Headline: “Senate Republicans are responsible for the most unethical and incompetent administration ever.”
The system works.

QT Super Bowl LIII countdown updVIII

There have been XXV arrests of NFL players reported since Super Bowl LII, with LV days remaining until Super Bowl LIII.

Thank goodness Mexico will pay for it

Donald Trump
today on the threat posed if he doesn’t get his wall:
“The people of this country don’t want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country.”
Trump didn’t have time to explain what he meant by “people that have lots of problems.”
He probably meant people who are tired and poor.
And all those huddled masses yearning to be free.
And don’t get him started on the wretched refuse from teeming shores.

15 days until Christmas

News Headline: “Christmas trees held by Homeland Security at Canadian border.”
News Headline: “Man arrested after telling kids Santa isn’t real.”
Ho, Ho, Ho!