We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet. . . .

A reminder to eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day.
Brings good luck.
Happy (QT offers this statement without representation or warranty as to the effects or repercussions thereof upon any and all persons who might elect to celebrate the holiday as represented therein and with the understanding that any persons taking such actions without such representation or warranty do so with the express understanding that they have agreed to indemnify and hold QT harmless from the effects thereof) New Year!

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QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Headline: “Researcher finds a cheap way to identify invasive coconuts from space.”
K.R., a Baltimore reader, writes to admit she was not aware we are being invaded by  outer-space coconuts.
And is it time for QT’s biennial reminder that it is never “firstly,” “secondly” and “thirdly,” but always “first,” “second” and “third”?
And so forthly?

WRITE TO QT:  qt@zaysmith.com

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Profiles in courage in the news

+ Donald Trump describing all the risks he calmly took for his first visit to a war zone:
“. . . the darkened plane, with all windows closed, with no lights on whatsoever, anywhere, pitch black. . . . I’ve never seen anything like it. . . . ”
The man is amazing.
+ Donald Trump in response to the latest allegations that a diagnosis of bone spurs was faked to help him stay out of Vietnam:
No matter.
Sometimes a man’s bravery can’t be put into words.

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U.S. to world: What’s it worth to you?

Donald Trump telling troops in Iraq that when we help another nation, we should charge for it:
‘If they want us to do the fighting, they also have to pay a price. And sometimes that’s also a monetary price, so we’re not the suckers of the world. We’re no longer the suckers, folks.”
Kids, go get grandpa and ask him about the Marshall Plan.
That was back when we spent more than $100 billion in today’s dollars to rebuild Europe against the Soviet threat after World War II.
What a bunch of suckers we used to be.

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