Round and round we go

+ Bill Scott, an East Northport, N.Y., reader, regarding QT’s warning that Christmas pudding should be stirred clockwise with a wooden spoon, writes:
“Does this mean that you stir Christmas pudding counterclockwise, or anticlockwise, south of the equator?”
+ C.C., a New York City reader, meanwhile, hopes to remind us that there is no such thing as a Christmas poinsetta.
There are only Christmas poinsettias.
Ho, Ho, Ho!


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’Tis the season

Can it be time for QT’s Christmas Reminders of the Season?
Ho, Ho, Ho!
To review:
+ The reindeer’s name isn’t Donner, but Donder.
+ It isn’t Kris Kringle, but Kriss Kringle.
+ It isn’t “God rest ye, merry gentlemen,” but “God rest ye merry, gentlemen.”
+ It isn’t “It came upon a midnight clear,” but “It came upon the midnight clear.”
+ It isn’t “toll the ancient Yuletide carol,” but “troll the ancient Yuletide carol.”
+ The poem isn’t “The Night Before Christmas,” but “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”
And one more:
Christmas pudding should be stirred clockwise.
And with a wooden spoon.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

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And one more thing. . . .

Happy (QT offers this statement without representation or warranty as to the effects or repercussions thereof upon any and all persons who might elect to celebrate the holiday as represented therein and with the understanding that any persons taking such actions without such representation or warranty do so with the express understanding that they have agreed to indemnify and hold QT harmless from the effects thereof) Thanksgiving!

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