27 days until Christmas

+ Jim Kehoe, a Sydney, Australia reader, regarding QT’s warning that Christmas pudding should be stirred clockwise, which caused another reader to wonder if the pudding should be stirred counterclockwise when south of the equator, writes: 

“I have consulted an Australian expert and fellow reader, Jude Allen, who is a lifelong resident of Sydney.  She tells me that she stirs everything in a clockwise direction, so far with no ill effect.”
+ John Teets, a Key West, Fla., reader, regarding QT’s pointing out that there are no Christmas poinsettas, only Christmas poinsettias, writes:
“And as with bougainvilleas, the showy parts of poinsettias are bracts, not flowers.”
And can it be time for QT’s Christmas reminder that the most dangerous occupation in Sweden is herding reindeer?
Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Call them, Ishmael

News Item: “. . . said Sadie Wright, acting large whale entanglement response coordinator for. . . .”
You may be having a tough day at work, but at least you’re not an acting large whale entanglement response coordinator.
News Item: President Trump’s personal aide and ‘body man’  plans to leave the White House in the coming weeks. . . .”
And at least you’re not Donald Trump’s “body man.”

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