QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Item: “. . . with the reimagined 2019 Jeep Cherokee. . . .”
J.K., a Chicago reader, wants to know when “redesigned” became “reimagined,” and when can we have redesigning back?
And is it almost time for QT’s biennial reminder that a horse doesn’t chomp at the bit, but champs at the bit, and that we don’t wait with baited breath, but bated breath?

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QT Summer Travel Advisory

News Headline:
“America’s top 10 beaches of 2018.”
And time for QT’s summer reminder that with each barefoot step you take on beach sand, you are stepping on hundreds and sometimes thousands of extremely tiny creatures, many with snapping jaws, spiked appendages and spidery hairs.
They are called meiofauna.
You can’t see them.
But they are there.
Just be careful not to think about them.

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