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. . . born every minute

News Headline: “A week of policy surprises leaves even Trump’s supporters a bit bewildered.”
One question.
When have Donald Trump’s supporters been other than a bit bewildered?

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Headline:
“Make YouTube better with these awesome Web apps and extensions.”
Add awe to the list of things that aren’t what they used to be.
And J.K., a New York City reader, wonders if it is time for a QT reminder that it isn’t “to the manor born,” but “to the manner born.”
Matter of fact, it is time for QT’s quinquennial reminder on this.
So there we are.


The magic of the free marketplace in the news

News Headline:
“Oil was central in decision to shrink Bears Ears monument, emails show.”
We can be thankful for Donald Trump’s tweeting.
Keeps us from being distracted by the corporate looting.

Day 410, America held hostage

News Headline: “Flags ordered at half-staff for the Rev. Billy Graham.”
Come to think of it:
Could we keep the flags at half-staff while Donald Trump is still president?

QT Planetary Defense Coordination Office

News Headline: “Bus-size asteroid to pass within 70,000 miles of Earth.”
Asteroid 2018 DV1 made its pass early this morning.
It was the ninth asteroid to pass between Earth and the moon in a month.
This gives further credence to QT’s theory that the universe is a video game.
And the Intelligent Designer is a lousy shot.

Thoughts and prayers in the news

News Headline: “Ryan throws cold water on gun control push.”
News Headline: “McConnell: Senate to skip gun debate for bank bill.”
Good to be coming back to our senses.
This country has more than 70 million children.
We can spare a dozen or two now and then.