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From the QT news ticker. . . .

News Headline: “Naked man bursts into woman’s home, tries on her clothes, rolls around in yard.”
If he moves to Alabama, he might have a political future.

High crimes and misdemeanors in the news

News Headline:
“Lawyer: Kushner is ‘the hero’ in campaign emails regarding Russia.”
Add heroes to the list of things that aren’t what they used to be.

QT seven days until Thanksgiving, which is when we can finally start saying how many days it is until Christmas, update

The British bakery chain Greggs is facing boycotts because its Advent calendar features the wise men gathered at a manger that holds a large sausage roll.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

QT trickle-on economics update

News Headline: “Trump’s tax cuts are the biggest wealth grab in modern history.”
News Headline: “Trump to lift ban on importing elephant trophies from Africa.”
Our Republicans will need some recreation while looting the Treasury.

QT news you can use

sunspot and solar wind update:
14 and 1.029,600 mph.

In theory. . . .

Meanwhile, back on potentially habitable Earth. . . .

In other news. . . .

News Headline: “Trump brands Asia trip a $300 billion success.”
News Headline: “Tiny bugs are having sex on your face right now.”
It’s been that kind of year.

From the QT Archive of Knowledge

+ The second longest word in Shakespeare is “anthropophaginian.”
+ Iran is four times the size of Iraq.

QT Planetary Defense Coordination Office

2017 VL2 was discovered today, five days after passing between Earth and the moon.
But rest assured:
It was only the 47th time this year that an asteroid has been discovered while passing between Earth and the moon.

Christmas in November

News Headline:  “Study says Christmas music too early may be harmful.”
Ho, Ho, Ho!