The Strange Case of the Mispronunciation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (cont’d)

Ron Barth Jr., a Las Vegas reader, regarding QT’s noting that Dr. Jekyll’s name is pronounced JEE-kull and, also, that “err” rhymes with “fur” and “dour” rhymes with “your,” writes:
“And how would you pronounce ‘patina’?”
Good question.
Let’s try it this way:
“Patina” rhymes with “sat in a.”
Which reminds QT:
+ The plural of  “chaise longue” is “chaises longues.”
+ The plural of “alma mater” is “almae matres.”
Which should hold us for the weekend, as we prepare to turn back our clocks for the end of Daylight Saving Time.
Not Daylight Savings Time.

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