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K.R., a Baltimore reader, writes that she is troubled by a city bill she received with “a line for ‘water consumption’ and another for ‘sewer consumption.’ ”
Sewer consumption can be a problem these days.
But try avoiding C-SPAN.
That may help.



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The shining locker-room upon a hill

News Headline: “Scaramucci unleashes profanity-filled rant against fellow Trump aides Priebus, Bannon.”
Among the comments of Anthony Scaramucci:
“. . .  f –––ing paranoid schizophrenic. . . they’re going to have to go f –––  themselves. . .   f –––ing  kill all the leakers. . . f –––ing Department of Justice. . . . ”
So there we have it.
President Trump’s Watergate needed one more development to make it complete.
Expletives deleted.

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