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QT Early Warning System

Thirteen days remain until National Accordion Awareness Month.

Breaking news. . . .

News Headline: “California grid sets record, with 67 percent of power from renewables.”
For those interested in the most important news story this week that no one is paying attention to.

From Poor QT’s Almanack

On this day in history 67 years ago, St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Tommy Glaviano made errors on three consecutive grounders in the bottom of the ninth, giving the Brooklyn Dodgers a 9-8 victory, but at least he could tell himself it wasn’t something people would remember into the next century or anything.

This just in. . . .

News Headline:
“Russia probe: Donald Trump decries ‘single greatest witch hunt’ in
U.S. history.”
And nobody knows U.S. history better than Trump does.
Watching those “Bonanza” episodes didn’t go for nothing.

We have seen the present, and it does not work

Police in Seattle now refer to suspects as “community members,” while the Washington Department of Corrections refers to offenders as “students,” as we look forward to a day when words simply don’t mean anything at all.

Frontiers of science

News Headline: “Eating chocolate ‘improves brain function,’ according to new study.”
News Headline: “Eating salt could help you to lose weight, study reveals.”
Keep up the good work, researchers!

The case for zero tolerance of modern school administrators

Central Magnet High School in Murfreesboro, Tenn., has named 48 valedictorians.
And three salutatorians.

QT trickle-on economics update

News Headline: “Trump’s new bank regulator: Lawyer who helped banks charge
more fees.”

For those who believe the Trump administration isn’t getting anything done
during its collapse.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

News Item: “, , , On Wednesday, the semiannual ‘slow slip’ event began, according to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. . . .The event happens about every 14 months deep underneath the Puget Sound area. . . .”
Bill Scott, an East Northport, N.Y., reader, writes:
“When did ‘semiannual’  become ‘every 14 months,’ and when can we have ‘every six  months’ back?”
Or we could always try “quattuordecimonthly.”
Or maybe not.
And can it be time for QT’s semitriennial reminder that “flaccid” is pronounced FLAK-sid?
And that “vagaries” is pronounced vuh-GAIR-eez?


Or should France build a wall?

News Headline: “Macron offers refuge in France for U.S. scientists.”
You can tell much about a nation by the refugees it creates.