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Qt loud guy at the end of the bar update

News Headline: “All signs point to a Trump return to Florida this weekend.”
The speech on Capitol Hill was 198 tweets long.
He needs rest.

The shining locker-room upon a hill

News Headline: “Low expectations turn a middling Trump speech into masterpiece.”
Not a single woman was groped.
Talk about presidential..

Greetings and facilitations from the National Rifle Association

News Headline: “Trump signs bill allowing mentally ill to buy guns.”
News Headline: “Republican lawmakers hope to ease restrictions on gun silencers.”
As long we plan more massacres, we should keep the racket down.

GovernMania MMXVII

News Headline: “President Trump addresses joint session of Congress.”
And the turnout was exactly what he knew it would be.
He saw many, many thousands of senators and representatives.