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Fair warning to the White House

News Headline:
“Lawyer’s pants catch fire during arson trial.”
And we thought it was only a metaphor.

QT St. Patrick’s Day countdown update

News Headline: “Gay veterans group denied spot in Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade.”
This is what cam happen when the Irish are allowed to marry.

QT loud guy at the end of the bar update

News Headline: “The White House doesn’t want the GOP Obamacare replacement branded ‘Trumpcare.’ ”
Unsettling health-care news.
Has Donald Trump ever hesitated for a moment to put his name on anything?

QT Planetary Defense Coordination Office

News Headline: “Asteroid passed unusually close to Earth last week.”
That was Asteroid 2017 EA, which QT mentioned as it passed.
Not mentioned in this news story is Asteroid 2017 DS109, which was discovered yesterday as it passed between Earth and the moon.
It is larger than the earlier asteroid.
But at worst, if it had hit, it would have destroyed only, say, NewYork City.
And some buildings in the outer boroughs would be left standing.
Parts of them, anyway.

Meanwhile, in news of this week’s oil spills. . . .

News Headline: “Wind provides half the electricity on a U.S. power grid for first time ever.”
As we stumble on the most important news story of the week that almost no one is paying attention to.

From Azerbaijan with love

News Headline: “Donald Trump’s hotel in Azerbaijan linked with corruption, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard..”
Obama wiretap!
Fake news!
Uh. Benghazi?

QT all’s well that ends wells update

News Headline: “Despite Trump claim, Keystone Pipeline won’t use only U.S. steel.”
But rest assured, it will threaten only U.S.groundwater.
And U.S. farmland.
And U.S. rivers.
And U.S. streams and. . . .
Never accuse President Trump of not putting America first.


News Headline:
“U.S. spy satellite takes off atop Atlas V for secret mession.”
U.S. intelligence may want to revisit the concept of “secret.”

Russian assets in the news

News Headline:  “ ‘Purge leftists’: Trump supporter Rep. Steve King wants the president to root out those who oppose him.”
Ixnay onway ethay Ussianray ingolay.

From Poor QT’s Almanack

On this day in history 180 years ago, Mexican soldiers stormed a mission fort and ended a Texas Revolution siege, showing how well, finally, big walls work, although the lesson is lost on those don’t remember the Alamo.