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ElectMania MMXVI in the news

News Headline: “6 unbelievable things Donald Trump’s sons have said.”
Nothing is unbelievable anymore.
There are 20 days to go.

From Poor QT’s Almanack

On this day in history 1,000 years ago, the Danes defeated the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Asundun, which seemed important at the time.

We have seen the present, and it does not work

North Carolina State University is now warning that microaggressions can involve members of one minority group against members of another minority group.
This is known as “horizontal oppression.”

QT 2016 vote count countdown update

News Headline: “Armed Trump supporters caught menacing Democratic campaign office.”
News Headline: “Trump supporter: ‘Hillary needs to be taken out.’ ”
News Headline: “5 times evolution ran in ‘reverse.’ “
Make it six.

Making a list, checking it twice

News Headline: “Macy’s bucks trend, will open on Thanksgiving–even earlier.”
For those starting early on their annual holiday list of places not to shop.

Groping for an explanation

News Headline: “Trump slams assault claims as ”totally, absolutely false.’ ”
Let’s be fair.
No guilty man talks like that.
News Headline: “O.J.: ‘Absolutely, 100 percent not guilty.’ ”
Move along, nothing to see here. . . .

From Poor QT’s Almanack

Beware the ides of National Dryer Vent Safety Awareness Month.

The Making of the President 2016nado!

News Headline: “Republicans endorse, unendorse and then re-endorse Donald Trump.”
News Headline: “Surgeon general issues nationwide appeal for spine donors.”
Sorry. Made the second one up.

The national conversation in the news


News Headline: “Prominent Trump ally says Obama and Clinton are literal demons.”
News Headline: “Michele Bachmann: Voting for Clinton will lead to sexual assaults.”
Twenty-five more days. . . .
No. Wait.
That’s when it starts all over again.

Status update

News Headline: “Facebook has repeatedly trended fake news since firing human editors.”
News Headline: “Robots will rule us with their iron fists.”
Not to worry.
Facebook’s robotic editors will keep the story from trending.