From Poor QT’s Almanack

Two days remain until National Mole Day, after the unit of chemistry, the mole, which is the amount of substance of a system that contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in 0.012 kilograms of carbon-12, these entities being molecules, atoms, ions, electrons or other subatomic particles, or groups of particles, the number being 6.02214 X 10 to the 23rd power, or 602.214 billion trillion.

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Antisocial media in the news

News Headline: “Melania Trump would fight social media ‘negativity’ as first lady.”
Dwight McKay, a Newmanstown, Pa., reader, writes:
I’ve spent the day assembling my irony protection kit, as I’m afraid this may be the start of a major epidemic.”
You remind QT of the nation’s most recent irony outbreak in Vermont, when a trucker hauling milk hit a cow.
Cows are such losers.


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