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In other news. . . .

Pride Parade
News Headline: “San Francisco Pride names Black Lives Matter as grand marshal.”
News Headline: “Black Lives Matter withdraws from San Francisco Pride Parade in response to increased policing.”
The increased security was because of Orlando.
Something about the idea that LGBT lives matter.

QT Exploding Cell Phone Worldwide Pinpoint Locator

Cell Phone
4:45 a.m. Friday, June 24, in Uson, Masbate, Philippines.

QT loud guy at the end of the bar update

Donald Trump
News Headline:
“Evangelical leader: Donald Trump ‘recently found a relationship
with Christ.’ ”
It is not known if Christ is starting to have savior’s remorse.

QT Summer Travel Advisory

Dry Bean
There will be no Dry Bean Festival this year in Tracy, Calif.

QT trickle-on economics update


News Headline: “A look at the world’s largest superyacht: Dilbar.”
News Headline: “Full-scale Noah’s Ark to open in Kentucky..”
The billionaire’s ship is two feet longer than God’s.

QT transcript of Donald Trump at his Turnberry golf course in Scotland, given a first opportunity to speak on Britain’s vote to leave the European Union (for your convenience):

“This is amazing honor. It’s an amazing day, a very historic day for a lot of reasons, not only Turnberry. This was was one of the big votes in the history of Europe and Scotland and everywhere. It was very exciting coming in, and we were landing, and we had just heard the results. So I wish everybody a lot of luck. I think that it’s historic, and what’s happening is historic. So it’s an honor to be with you. My mother was born in Scotland in Stornoway. She loved Scotland. She would be here a lot. She would come here every year with my sister Maryanne and my sister Elizabeth, and they just loved it. Her loyalty to Scotland was incredible. She respected and loved the queen, and she loved the ceremony and the the pomp, pomp and circumstance, and she was something special, and to think that we’d be here owning Turnberry one day would be incredible. She would come to Turnberry with her friends, and they’d have dinner at Turnberry. She didnt play golf, but they’d have dinner at Turnberry. So having taken this hotel and done the job that we’ve done with it is just an honor that I was given the opportunity. We bought it about 4 1/2 years ago. The town council has been incredible. The local politicians and all of the politicians, all throughout, have been absolutely incredible. They approved virtually everything that we asked for. We asked for the right things, but the approval process–because it’s so historic, it had to go through many different layers–but every single thing we wanted, they agreed that they thought it was good and in some cases great. We’ve taken the lighthouse, which is a very, very important building in Florida, I mean, in Scotland, and we’ve taken that building and made it something really special. Inside the lighthouse right now is incredible suites. . . .”
And if this doesn’t reassure the public, what will?

The national conversation in the news

Gun Nut

News Headline: “NRA: Gun control laws ‘will not prevent the next terrorist attack.’ ”
In other news, the National Bankers Association said it will discontinue security guards and alarm systems, having determined that  guards and alarms don’t prevent bank robberies.

A republic, if you can keep it

Fat and Drunk
News Headline: “Burger King is taking mac and cheese, deep-frying it, adding Cheetos.”
News Headline: “World alcohol consumption went down last year–except in the United States.”
News Headline: “Trump supporters brave triple-digit heat to see their candidate.”
Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, nation.

Breaking news. . . .

Robot Escape

News Headline: “Intelligent robot that ‘learns and remembers’ could be scrapped after escaping the lab a second time.”
. . . unless it is also listening and planning as it learns and remembers.

QT Midwest New Madrid Fault, where the most recent earthquakes two centuries ago changed the course of the Mississippi River and toppled chimneys as far away as Maine, although geologists say there is only a 10 percent chance of a major quake in the next 50 years, which includes any moment now, update

National Guard
National Guard officials announcing “the largest earthquake exercise in the history of the state of Tennessee” assured the public that there is no cause for concern.