QT Bureau of Waits and Half-Measures

Gotthard Base
News Item: “. . . enough copper cable to stretch from New York City to San Antonio. . . .”
Or the length of 1,519,680 Jennifer Anistons, if you are still trying to visualize it.
Or think of the 1,519,680 Jennifer Anistons stretching along a line from New York City to San Antonio. . . .

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The medium is the message

Donald Trump 1

News Headline: “Artist reimagines Donald Trump as a liberal, tattooed hipster.”
But no artist yet has surpassed Pricasso.
It was six months ago that QT commissioned a painting of Trump by Tim Patch, better known as Pricasso, the Australian artist who paints with his penis.
The painting is displayed again here.
Or as Pricasso wrote to QT after completing the work:
“It was difficult in the hotel room. Now I have to wash the carpet a bit.”
QT likes to consider the artwork from time to time, keeping in mind:
When Donald Trump is done, we’ll have to wash the national carpet a bit.

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From Poor QT’s Almanack

Occurring on this day in history 398 years ago was the Defenestration of Prague, during which Protestant nobles threw two Roman Catholic governors out of a high window at the Royal Palace and into a dung heap, leading to the Thirty Years’ War, which was 86 years shorter than the Hundred Years’ War, but we can deal with that another time.

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