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From the QT news ticker

April Showers
News Headline: “Why do we say, ‘April showers bring may flowers’?”
There are slow news days.
And there are slow news days.

Entranced interrogation in the news

News Item: “Sean Hannity and 2016 GOP front-runner Donald Trump will be in
Milwaukee. . . .”
Speaking of which: Has it been 2,544 days since Sean Hannity promised he would undergo waterboarding¬†to show it isn’t torture?
Not that anyone is counting.

This just in. . . .

Scientist at Work
News Headline: “Quantum probability assignment limited by relativistic causality.”
Tell us something we don’t know.

QT 2016 vote count countdown update

Donald Trump
News Headline: “Turkish security manhandles journalists at Washington event.”
And has Donald Trump yet produced the birth certificate that shows he wasn’t born somewhere near Istanbul?
Didn’t think so.