QT College Football Playoff System

College Champions
News Headline: “Alabama beats Clemson 45-40 for national title.”
Not so fast there.
During the 2015 college football season:
Bowling Green beat Northern Illinois.
Which beat Toledo.
Which beat Arkansas.
Which beat Ole Miss.
Which beat Alabama.
Hail Bowling Green!
National College Football Champions!

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Law & Order: BVD (cont’d)

Lingerie Episode
Stephen J. Smith, a Minneapolis reader, regarding a news story about a police officer fired for a “lingerie episode” and then rehired, leaving QT to wonder if he had possible undieworld ties, writes:
“They found him to be negligee in his duty.”
Stop it.
Stop it now.

WRITE TO QT:  qt@zaysmith.com

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A State of the Union proposal

House Chamber
News Headline: “Obama plans empty seat at State of the Union speech to honor
gun victims.”
The number of U.S. gun victims this year will be at 300 or so by the night of the speech.
So why not an empty seat for each of them?
Which means members of Congress would have trouble finding places to sit down.
And this is looking better and better. . . .

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