Unscheduled asteroids not in the news

The latest asteroid to be discovered just as it passed between Earth and the moon is Asteroid 2015 VY105, which was discovered late Sunday as it came within 22,000 miles
of us.
But again be reassured:
It isn’t as if asteroids are pass between Earth and the moon undiscovered every day.
That has happened only nine times this year.
Best we can tell.

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EXCLUSIVE: QT has commissioned a portrait of Donald Trump by the artist Pricasso, who is famous for painting with his penis, which seems about right for our politics these days

Donald Trump
QT some weeks ago watched a TV network news story on Tim Patch, better known as Pricasso, the Australian artist who paints with his penis.
QT had just finished watching a speech by Donald Trump.
One thought led to another.
QT reached Pricasso in Australia and commissioned a special portrait.
It has arrived.
QT here unveils it.
And now all seems right with the world.

WRITE TO QT:  qt@zaysmith.com

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Education 101

Trump University
News Headline: “Donald Trump blasts ‘disgraceful’ Mizzou protests: ‘Trump should have been chancellor.’ ”
News Headline: “Trump still battling lawsuits from defunct Trump University.”
News Headline: “Trump University was ‘classic’ fraud, says prosecutor.”
Or maybe the University of Missouri will take a pass.

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