QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language (and, also, Creatures of the Night)

Happy Halloween

News Item: “. . . as he was rewriting history about his well-documented support for. . . .”
Jack Finarelli, a Falls Church, Va., writes:
“When did ‘lying’ become ‘rewriting history,’ and when can we have ‘lying’ back?”
News Item: “. . . were stopped heading eastbound on Interstate 70. . . .”
Doug Dahlgren, a Chicago reader, writes:
“Isn’t ‘heading eastbound’ redundant? Shouldn’t it be ‘heading east’ or just plain ‘eastbound’?
I hear traffic reporters doing this often, too.”
And can it be time for QT’s annual reminder that  there is no “hollow” in “Halloween”?
And that that the first syllable of “Jekyll” rhymes with “cheek”?
More to the point:
Happy Halloween!


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