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The Making of the President 2016nado!

Lindsey Graham
News Headline: “Lindsey Graham burns, chops, blends, smashes and drops cell phone.”
News Headline:
“Rand Paul takes a chainsaw to the tax code.”
News Headline:
“Ted Cruz cooks bacon with a machine gun.”
News Headline:
“Tiny Pomeranian has the most adorable sneeze.”
The stories seemed to go together, for some reason.

But we still need the eggs

Woody Allen
News Item: “. . . the latest Woody Allen treatise on the meaninglessness of existence. . . .”
Always easy to spot an existential nihilist.
Look for the T-shirt that says “No Lives Matter.”

Talk about socialism. . . .

California Wildfires
News Headline: “California National Guard joins in fighting wildfires.”
News Headline: “Colorado airmen called on to fight California wildfires.”
News Headline: “Florida Forest Service sends crews to battle California wildfires.”
More examples of government meddling and intrusion.
When will we learn to trust the magic of the free marketplace?

QT Yellowstone Caldera (the eruptions of which can be violent enough to send a layer of ash six feet deep as far away as Chicago and which erupts every 600,000 or so years and last erupted 640,000 years ago) update

Yellowstone earthquake counts for the past six months, as of August 1, have gone from 73 to 56 to 62 to 75 to 83 to 66.
The U.S. Geological Survey classifies this as “low background levels,” so there remains no cause for worry about an area that, as a scientist at  University of Zurich’s Institute of Physics recently remarked, “is overdue for an explosion that would alter life on Earth as we know it.”

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

Hearts and Guts
News Item: “. . . the heart-wrenching story of. . . .”
News Item: “. . . the gut-rending songs of. . . .”
Rich Rzadski, a Chicago reader, reminds us that it isn’t “heart-wrenching” and “gut-rending” but “heart-rending” and “gut-wrenching.”
And as we are heading  into the political season:
Events can be both stomach-churning and stomach-turning.
Not to mention mind-boggling and mind-numbing.
And will be.


QT Man-Bites-Dog Worldwide Pinpoint Locator

Dog Days
Tuesday night, July 21, on Church Street in Winston-Salem, N.C.
This is the 32nd dog day of summer.
There are eight dog days to go.

QT digest of Donald Trump’s economic policy proposals from the past two weeks (for your convenience)

Donald Trump
“. . . I’m a big person. . . .”
Trump likely will expand on this at Thursday’s debate.
Or just expand.