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Modern education + the criminal mind =

A bank robber in Warsaw, Poland, was told by the teller he should go back in line and wait his turn, which he did while the teller called the police, police said.

Fun with numbers

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Arrives In Iowa To Campaign At State Fair
News Headline: “Trump widens lead over Republican field in latest poll.”
The poll shows Donald Trump supported by 24 percent of registered Republicans.
One in four American adults is a registered Republican.
So that comes to 1/4th of 1/4th of Americans.
Which seems to mean 1/16th of Americans.
As the desperate search for a bright side continues. . . .

QT trickle-on economics update

News Headline: “Ask a somm: What can I eat with caviar and foie besides champagne
and Sauternes?”
News Headline: “Food banks struggling to meet nationwide demand.”
The two stories seemed to go together, for some reason.

Meanwhile in Texas. . . .

Texas Flag
News Headline: “Texans fear Obama-led military invasion.”
News Headline: “Operation Jade Helm under way in Texas.”
News Headline: “No signs of military takeover in Texas.”
Does this mean President Obama has an opportunity to invade Texas and is ignoring it?
Impeach him.
Impeach him now.

QT Summer Travel Advisory

Rick Perry
Rick Perry’s Wednesday appearance at the Iowa State Fair will conflict with the
open swine-judging.
Look. QT just tells the news.


Young Readers
News Headline: “Pub crawl to benefit Literacy Coalition.”
A reminder that National Young Readers Week starts Nov.  9.
Which still leaves you 84 days to find one.

Narcissistic personality disorder in the news

Donald Trump
Donald Trump in a Sunday interview regarding workers and wages:
“I want to keep the minimum wage pretty much where it is right now.”
And to those who evidently didn’t have what it takes to inherit tens of millions of dollars:
Stop your whining.
You losers.

This just in (well, a while ago). . . .

Mike Huckabee
News Headline: “Huckabee: We must give babies inside the womb constitutional rights.”
But remember: Mike Huckabee is a Republican.
Zygotes will be required to provide photo IDs.

QT Early Warning System

Francois Rebsamen
News Headline: “France’s employment tsar quits his job.”
G.J., a Chicago reader, renews the public service reminder that outbreaks of irony can occur at any time or place, without warning.


Anticipation is half the joy


News Headline: ” ‘Sesame Street’ is heading to HBO.”
No word yet on crossover episodes with “Game of Thrones.”
So we can only hope to imagine Big Bird’s encounter with The Hound. . . .