QT loud guy at the end of the bar update

Donald Trump
Donald Trump reminding us what he would bring to the presidency and foreign policy:
“I’m a dealmaker. I make the great deals.”
To review:
Trump’s best deal was his birth¬†to a father worth several hundreds of millions of dollars.
His other deals over the decades have resulted in:
+ Four bankruptcies.
+ Investment returns that lagged the behind the stock market.
Where is that laughter coming from?
Can it be coming all the way from China?

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One last dog day of summer

Buddy 2
As this is National Dog Day, QT has asked its dog, Buddy the Wonder Dog, so named because  the neighbors wonder about him, for his preference in the presidential race.
No response.
But when asked to characterize the upcoming campaign, he answered:
Buddy the Wonder Dog’s predecessor, by the way, was named Pablo, after Picasso, because having a dog is a good idea in the abstract.

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Casting call

Transgender Actors
News Headline: “Wanted: Transgender actors for Hollywood, little experience required.”
Too many transgender roles and not enough transgender actors.
Hollywood needs to solve this shortage.
Otherwise, we’ll have to watch actors pretending they’re somebody they’re not.

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