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The audacity of hair

Donald Trump
Donald Trump in a recent interview:
“People are constantly attacking my hair. . . . My hair is just fine.”
This may be where he went too far.
Voters want a president who is at least vaguely in touch with reality.

And let’s take another look at Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore
News Headline: “Democrats drop Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson names from fundraising dinner.”
Jefferson and Jackson were slave owners.
So was George Washington, so we might want to reconsider the name of the nation’s capital.
Or maybe we could direct some of this zeal toward the slavery of tens of millions that still exists across the world.
Or maybe not.

It’s only logical

Kirk and Picard
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) when asked about various “Star Trek” crews:
“I think it is quite likely that Kirk is a Republican and Picard is a Democrat.”
Didn’t say anything about Spock.
Probably because Spock is a socialist.

QT Early Warning System

United Nations
Eighteen days remain until the United Nations International Day of the World’s Indigenous People.
If you are not indigenous to the world, please turn yourself in at the nearest Homeland Security headquarters.

QT trickle-on economics update

Average worker pay in the United States increased 2 percent last year, while CEO pay increased 16 percent, according to a new study.
CEOs now make 373 times what workers make–a new record.
An analyst at Stifel Financial Corp. describes current government efforts to stop the growing divide as “minimal.”
The system works.

QT digest of Donald Trump’s remarks from the past week (for your convenience)

Trump Mouth
“. . . idiot. . . stiff. . . total loser. . . true moron. . . clown. . . total lightweight. . . .”
Say this for Donald Trump:
He may not be overly intelligent.
But he’s unpleasant.


News Headline: “Yes, ‘Sharknado 4’ is happening.”
A good call.
Michele Bachmann and Ann Coulter had brief roles in ‘Sharknado 3″–and survived.
These people still need to be eaten.

QT Man-Bites-Dog Worldwide Pinpoint Locator

Buddy 2
As of the 20th dog day of summer, there are no reports of a man biting a dog.
But a man bit a dog-walker in Whitburn, Scotland.
There are 20 dog days to go.

QT news you can use

News Headline: “Health officials warn people to avoid leprosy-infected armadillos.”
Some warnings are easier to heed than others.

The miracle worker

Donald Trump
News Headline: “Trump is hurting conservatism and the Republican brand.”
Far from it.
Donald Trump is singlehandedly making the rest of the Republican field seem unclownlike.
You can’t buy that with money.