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Greetings and facilitations
from the National Rifle Association

Weekend Shootings
News Headline:
“3 dead, 5 injured in weekend Cincinnati shootings.”
News Headline: “2 killed, 47 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings.”
Do you remember when this was news instead of just another weekend?


Donald Trump
Donald Trump regarding his political and governing skills:
“I’m good at fixing things.”
If only someone had  read him his rights before he said it. . . .

Asked and answered

MOVE Bombing
News Headline: “Why have so many people never heard of the 1985 MOVE bombing?”
Because so many people are pretty much unaware of anything that happened in the world before 1995.

A little off the sides. . . .

News Headline: “Local woman gets haircut she’ll never forget.”
Your day may not be going well, but at least you aren’t having your hair cut when people nearby start saying “What the–” and the stylist starts to cry.

QT trickle-on economics update

Hedge FundThe director of a major hedge fund on why the hedge fund is closing its doors:
“As the endless quest for becoming institutional continues on, the soul of investing might get lost, as the unmitigated compliance processes become cumbersome and interfere with the purity of speculative contemplation.”
In other words:
Cheese it, the cops!

We have seen the present, and it does not work

Saudi Beheadings
News Headline: “Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners as beheading
rate soars.”
Do not despair.
We are well into the 21st century now.
Even the Saudis soon can put this primitive behavior behind them.
And have robots do it.

QT Latest Carjacker Who Didn’t Know How to Work a Stick Shift Worldwide Pinpoint Locator

Stick Shift
9:30 p.m. Thursday, May 14, at 2543 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle.

QT 2016 vote count countdown update

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush when asked by the Christian Broadcasting Network on Sunday if businesses should be allowed to refuse service to same-sex weddings:
“Yes, absolutely, if it’s based on religious belief.”
But don’t be too quick to judge.
We haven’t heard his second, third and fourth answer to the question.
These things take time.

We have seen the present, and it does not work

Ovid Metamorphoses
Columbia University students have petitioned the school to provide “trigger warnings” for readings in Greek and Roman mythology because the readings contain “narratives of exclusion and oppression” and “offensive material that marginalizes student identities in the classroom.”

From the QT police blotter

News Item: “. . . police were called at 4 a.m. . . . complaints that someone was driving an ATV at high speeds keeping neighbors up. . . . found ATV tracks in wet grass and followed them to a garage where an ATV was parked with a warm engine. . . .”
The tracks in the wet grass seemed sufficient for an arrest.
Now it’s up to dew process.