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QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language

Sentence Diagram
K.W., a Denver reader, writes:
“Could we readers have some instruction on the use of ‘it’s’ and ‘its’? And ‘any more’ and ‘anymore’–one word or two?”
It. It’s a settled matter how its uses differ.
Anymore.  The British tend to stay with two words. But in the U.S., any more than one word, when used as an adverb, isn’t necessary anymore.
And is it time for QT’s annual reminder that it isn’t “a penny for your thoughts,” but “a penny for your thought”?
Not yet.
But we’re getting there.


QT Summer Travel Advisory

Taste of Omaha
Forty-one days remain until Taste of Omaha.

Asteroid of the month

News Headline:
“Killer bus-sized asteroid flies dangerously close past Earth.”
But that was last May.
And has it been nearly a month since a bus-sized asteroid came dangerously close?
Nah. Two weeks.
Asteroid 2015 GU was discovered late Saturday.
It passed Sunday between Earth and the moon.
A little closer to Earth than the moon, best we can tell.

QT Latest Carjacker Who Didn’t Know How to Work a Stick Shift Worldwide Pinpoint Locator

Stick Shift
11 p.m. Thursday, April 9, at 1600 Coliseum St., New Orleans.

QT trickle-on economics update

Wall Street
A study found that the New York City pension system’s investment gains for the past 10 years have been wiped out by more than $2 billion in Wall Street fees.

Religious fundamentalism in the news

American Gothic
News Headline: “Saudi grand mufti denies issuing fatwa permitting man to chop up and eat wife in event of extreme hunger.”
Too bad for the grand mufti.
He was briefly in the lead at the Iowa Republican caucuses.

From Poor QT’s Almanack

Beware the ides of National Soft Pretzel Month.

The case for zero tolerance of modern school administrators

University of Richmond
The University of Richmond rules of student conduct do not allow students to express thoughts that the university finds “inappropriate.”

This just in. . . .

Sarcasm Center
News Headline: “Sarcasm center of brain located.”
And we’re all very excited.

QT all’s well that ends wells update

News Headline: “The links between fracking and Oklahoma’s earthquakes keeps
getting stronger.”
News Headline: “California’s aquifers being filled with toxic fracking wastewater.”
News Headline: “Rise of deadly radon gas in Pennsylvania buildings linked to fracking.”
Is there anything fracking can’t do?