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Origin of the specious

Noah's Ark
News Headline: “Idaho Republican asks if a woman can swallow a camera for a gynecological exam.”
News Headline: “Nevada Republican says cancer is a fungus you can flush out of your body with saltwater.”
News Headline: “Poll shows Republicans rejecting evolution.”
. . . and these days seem their own best evidence

Allies in action

King Salman
News Headline: “Obama refuses to call ISIS Islamic extremists.”
News Headline: “Saudi Arabia court gives death penalty to man who renounced
his Muslim faith.”
As long as President Obama is on the subject of Islamic extremists. . . .

Misplaced modifiers

John Boehner
News Headline: “John Boehner concedes the House a ‘rambunctious place.’ ”
QT Abridged Too Far Dictionary of the English Language:
rambunctious adj. 1. boisterous. 2. noisy. 3. dishonest. 4. ignorant 5. hateful. 6. delusional. 7. almost totally depraved at times. 6. have we left anything out?